Rose Kukisans

Rose Kukisans

  • ½ kg, rice flour
  • 3 nos. eggs
  • 3 cups, coconut milk
  • 3 tbsp , castor sugar
  • 3 tsp, sesame seeds (optional)
  • 1 tsp, vanilla essence
  • 2 pinches, salt
  • 1 kg, ghee or oil for deep frying

Rose-shaped kukis mould: you may get this or something similar in any baking store


Soak the rice for one hour and grind with coconut milk to a semi thick batter. Take a bowl and crack the eggs in it, beat until fluffy and add this to the rice batter along with the castor sugar, sesame seeds, vanilla essence and salt. Mix well.

Take a wok or deep pan and heat ghee/ oil in it over medium flame. Keep the kukis mould in the hot ghee/oil for a minute to prime the mould. Now remove from the ghee/oil and dip it in the batter until three fourth of the mould height is covered with the batter. Now place the mould in the hot ghee/oil and give it a slight shake so that the kukis leaves the mould in the ghee. (Take care and see that the mould does not dip in the batter completely coz it may not leave the mould).


Fry the kukis on both the sides till light brown by turning them every few seconds. Once golden brown, remove them on kitchen towels to drain the excess ghee or oil. Make sure to store these in air-tight containers if you’re making a large amount to serve during the Christmas season.

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