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I’m Winnie and welcome to ‘Maiche Jewan’ , which translates to ‘Mum’s food’, in our mother tongue Konkani. My children gifted me this website for my 65th birthday and this is where I share traditional Mangalorean and other recipes I have cooked over the past 40 years.

Looking back, I remember my mum who kept me away from the kitchen as a child emphasizing on the importance of my attention to studying. She was a smart lady who hadn’t had the chance to go to school herself. This meant that I learnt to cook only after I was married. My mum looked proud yet stunned at how I had picked up cooking in such a short time.

Feeding my husband, two children and extended family, I was always eager to attempt cooking new dishes and during this process I learnt many more traditional recipes from my family and neighbours. This website is also a tribute to all of them.

You’ll find my recipes simple and detailed with step by step instructions. If you’d like extra information about an item or a process, or like me to add a recipe I haven’t yet added, feel free to write to me on * maichejewan at gmail dot com * or on Facebook / Instagram.

Welcome to my world of cooking with love.


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Maiche Jewan is a culinary website with traditional home made recipies.

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